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systemic variables 

Anni Mukkala-Stinn: 

Facilitator, Trainer,

and Author:

Systemic Methodology

Areas of Systemic Practice


-Private Family Constellation Services Worldwide

-Group Workshops with Personal Experiential Constellations

-We specialize in working with adults impacted by childhood sexual  abuse and with  those impacted by sexual assault

-You will find insight into generational patterns of trauma passed down via the family system or cultural system that can bring healing to you and your family system

-We provide systemic work within the person, evaluating needs, and working toward integration of the self

-We offer evaluation of systemic patterns in a community or environment

-We facilitate the integration of childhood trauma toward a framework of wellness

-We have the expertise to expediate the search for the fullness of self with experiential insights and awareness

-We offer private spiritual mentorship to seekers

and to those who facilitate constellations

-We offer mentorship to constellation facilitators 

-We will be offering advanced training with spiritual development for constellation facilitators 


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