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Self awareness and personal wellness in times of Covid19

Covid19 had made many of us less socially active, spending more time at home. Some of us are finding some of the changes challenging. If you are like me and like to find out the roots of what is happening in your life now, then the work of systemic constellations is a great fit for you.

Reflection and talk will only take us part of the way to understanding the unconscious dynamics that may be affecting us today. A constellation is a process where unseen connections to events or persons in our ancestral family or to even our own childhood family reveal patterns in our lives that we usually don't consider relevant. In the work of constellations, the source of what is that thorn in our side, or that block in our road, takes on a new perception in its relationship to its root which is often in our family history.

The gift of Covid19 is the amount of energy we put into communicating via video with anyone anywhere. With this in mind, the work I do is not only available to those who live near me, but to you wherever you live. I find I am working more and more with those who live far afield. In the last few weeks, I have worked with persons in Sweden, Germany, Mexico, Oregon, California, Minnesota, and of course, Alberta. The work adapts beautifully to these distance constellations. It also allows me to keep my fees low because there is no necessity to have a physical space.

Currently, I am offering a pre-session, a constellation, and a follow-up for the cost of $125 Canadian dollars which today converts to just $95 US dollars. The easy to pay format of Paypal makes international payments simple.

If you are interested, please contact me at We can set up a time to chat in a no fee pre-session with absolutely no obligation to continue with a constellation. If you have not experienced constellation work, please contact me so I can explain the process to you. I am well experienced, well trained, and well developed in this modality. The time for reflection that Covid19 has made open in your life, is a perfect time to do a little personal wellness with a constellation session.


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